AN EASY-UP TRASH CAN FOR CAMPING AND RV-ING, that holds your trash bag upright and in-place. Its’ portable, collapsible and minimalistic design provides all the benefits of fully enclosed plastic and nylon bins, but without any of the downsides.

Plastic bins are bulky, tend to retain odors, and are inconvenient to travel with. The PortoTrash frame is designed out of lightweight and sturdy steel, featuring an open construction that prevents smelly odors from hanging around. PortoTrash collapses flat and stows easily for no-stink storage. Desert winds and coastal breezes at the beach will blow your trash bag or flimsy nylon pop-up away and make a total mess, but PortoTrash effortlessly secures trash bags in place, allowing you to fully enjoy every outdoor experience.

And when traveling light is an absolute priority, PortoTrash instantly converts loose trash bags into a sturdy trash bin that is both ergonomic and hygienic. The PortoTrash frame quickly creates a garbage bin that stands at 30 inches tall, so you’ll never have to bend over throwing out the trash again (your back will thank you!). And because the bags stand upright and open, you’ll never get covered in mystery goo fumbling to open a loose bag to throw something away (your immune system will thank you, too!).

Bring it with you to campsites, RV destinations, beaches, and parks, or set it up at home for yard work or for your next party!

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