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PortoTrash is an easy-up collapsible and lightweight trash can for camping, RV-ing, and home, created for ergonomic and effortless clean-up. PortoTrash will hold your trash bag upright and in-place, for hygienic hands-free trash disposal without bending over to touch a dirty garbage bag on the ground.

Assembly is only 3 easy steps: Expand, Arrange, & Insert

  1. Expand the legs and stand the PortoTrash upright once you’ve attached the plastic feet.
  2. Arrange the arrows on the oval top and the legs.
  3. Insert the pegs of the oval into the holes of the legs.

Place a 30-gallon drawstring garbage bag into PortoTrash, and tie the drawstring tape to the legs. When finished using, simply remove the oval top, and the legs collapse flat for slim storage in any type of vehicle, RV, or trailer, and even at home in a closet.

  • Use PortoTrash outdoors at campgrounds, RV sites, beach outings, picnics, and tailgating parties
  • Use PortoTrash indoors for tiny homes and dormitories, for garage trash, arts and crafts project clean-up, and DIY home project clean-up, as well as lawn and garden care and clean-up
  • Features no-touch hygienic trash disposal, like someone is holding your trash bag up for you, and you don't have to touch a dirty garbage bag ever again
  • Ergonomic height at 30" tall, so no more straining your back from bending over for that trash bag on the ground
  • Open construction prevents odors from lingering, so when your trash bag is gone, so is the smell, keeping wildlife away
  • Made out of sturdy yet lightweight half-inch hollow steel pipes, with a zinc plated and powder-coated surface for scratch and rust resistance
  • Weighs only 5 lbs., making it lightweight for anyone to carry, yet sturdy enough to withstand any desert wind or coastal breeze
  • Comes with removable plastic feet for added stability on flat surfaces
  • PortoTrash collapses flat to store in its own custom carrying case (sold separately), so you can put it over your shoulder and go!


Weight = 5 lbs.

Height = 30 inches

Length = 16 inches

Width = 14 inches