Our Story

Elli S. and Leili B.

The only thing I love more than spending time with my family is spending time with my family outdoors. A day at a campsite by a lake tossing a ball or watching a sunset is perfect. And of course, there's nothing better than sharing a meal with people you care about.

Cleaning up...not so much. So many times, while my kids were fishing or hiking, I found myself chasing down loose garbage that the wind blew away after lunch. Instead of having fun with my family, I was shoving gooey, sticky, oily trash into plastic bags. Not only was that disgusting, but it took precious time away from my family.

I'm a Mom. Solutions are my business. I decided to come up with a way to keep my campsite clean and have fun with my family. That's how I came up with PortoTrash. Luckily, my daughter, Leili, has a master's degree in environmental engineering. She shares my passion for the outdoors and helped refine my concept.

As a mother-daughter team, our mission is to make peoples' lives easier and more enjoyable. PortoTrash removes the stress and frustration of clean-up so people can spend more time doing the things they love with the ones they love - and make every adventure and travel experience better!